Ukraine to Not Launch Military Operations in Transnistria, Although It Has the Right — Sandu's MP

Monday, 27 February 2023

Oazu Nantoi, MP of the ruling party of Moldova "Action and Solidarity," believes that Ukraine has the right to consider a military scenario in Transnistria but will not do that.

In an interview with "European Pravda," Nantoi underlined that Ukraine now considers Transnistria as a minor but real danger.

"War is a bloody, cruel, and unpredictable thing. So there is a risk that Ukraine might be backstabbed from Transnistria, i.e., from the territory of Moldova. Ukraine is annoyed that it has to keep military units in this region," said Nantoi.

According to him, the threat of an attack by Russian forces on Ukraine from the territory of Moldova is not primary but still unpleasant. So Kyiv has its own logic here: "to be or not to be."

"Ukraine has every right to consider, in particular, the military scenario of preventing an attack from the territory of Moldova," the MP explained.

However, Nantoi believes that Ukraine will not follow this path.

"I want to point out that Ukraine and Moldova are in a frank constructive dialogue. Moldova's official position on the "Transnistrian conflict" is that it is not a conflict that needs to be resolved by military means," he explained.

"Ukraine will not launch military operations in Transnistria because of a dialogue between Kyiv and Chisinau. And because the situation at the front today looks so, this military operation is unnecessary," believes Nantoi.

The politician also emphasised that although the threat to Ukraine from Transnistria remains, today, no people are willing to fight against Ukraine or Moldova on the left bank of the river Dniester.

On February 23, the Russian Ministry of Defence spread false information that Ukrainian forces allegedly planned to stage an armed provocation in Transnistria (Ukr). The authorities of Moldova and Ukraine denied this.

Read more in an interview with Oazu Nantoi Ukraine has the right to a pre-emptive strike on Transnistria, but it will not do that (Ukr)

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