Russian Secret Services Monitor Moldovan Authorities Using Antennas on Embassy's Roof

Tuesday, 25 July 2023

Investigators have noticed dozens of antennas and satellite dishes on the roof of the Russian embassy in Moldova, which are used by Russia's secret services for surveillance.

The investigators of Jurnal TV and The Insider noted that the number of satellite dishes and transmitting devices on the roof of the Russian Embassy in Chișinău is growing every year. In addition, mysterious people can be seen periodically on the roof of the diplomatic mission and neighbouring buildings.

The Insider

The journalists said these people turned out to be classified liaison officers from the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia (GRU) and the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia (SVR), closely linked to hacker groups that hacked the emails of Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Hillary Clinton.

Russian intelligence officers most often climbed to the roof of the embassy before the parliamentary and presidential elections and before the summit of the European Political Community. On 14 May, as well as on the day of the election of the bashkan (head) of Gagauzia.

In particular, Pavel Yakunin, a military attaché at the Russian Embassy in Moldova, who is also responsible for secret channels of communication with the GRU headquarters in Moscow and the space intelligence reception centre in Vatutinki near Moscow, was spotted on the roof.

Currently, the liaison officers and spies in Chișinău are commanded by Alexandr Vasinovich. He often appears on the roof of the embassy and gives instructions to his subordinates.\In total, journalists counted 28 antennas and satellite dishes on the roof of the embassy, some of which help establish satellite communications and microwave relay lines, amplify wireless internet router signals, and locate ships, aircraft and guided missiles. They intercept satellite telephony signals, making it possible to listen in on telephone conversations and intercept conversations on the local police radio.

The Insider

In addition, intelligence officers' wives are used as couriers to transport files that are too "heavy". Sources in the border police noted that the wives often fly to and from Moscow, and their bags are always full of flash drives and hard drives. Since the wives have diplomatic immunity, they cannot be searched.

In April, the Dossier Centre posted an investigation stating that Russian secret services had installed a surveillance system in European countries using antennas at embassies that served Russian diplomats expelled from these countries.

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