Pentagon Explains for How Long over US$6 Billion for Ukraine Will Last

Friday, 11 August 2023

The US Department of Defense has commented on the plans to use the remaining US$6.2 billion – revealed during a Pentagon audit of US military assistance to Ukraine – to help Ukraine.

Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, spokesman for the Pentagon, said during a briefing that the funds are "available to us beyond the fiscal year, going into the next fiscal year, as are approximately $600 million in remaining USAI funds".

"In terms of the kinds of capabilities that they will need going forward, that will be a continuing discussion that we have with the Ukrainians and – and with our allies and partners," Ryder noted.

Responding to whether the US$6 billion would be enough for the rest of this fiscal year, Ryder would not go into detail about what the US could use the money for and how.

"I would say that as we have said in the past, we will continue to support Ukraine for as long as it takes," Ryder summed up.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden's administration was reportedly set to announce a new US$200 million military aid package for Ukraine.

The latest aid package from the United States will be the first to use the US$6.2 billion that "emerged" after reassessing the value of the previously provided aid to Ukraine.

The Pentagon has announced that it had miscalculated the military aid provided to Ukraine: the services used the replacement cost of the transferred equipment rather than the depreciated value (i.e. the value of the supplied equipment, which is lower due to wear and tear and obsolescence).

The sources said these US$6.2 billion are the remaining funds from the US$25.5 billion package Congress authorised to help Ukraine from US reserves through the Presidential Drawdown Authority.

Earlier, some US presidential administration officials, lawmakers and congressional staff expressed concern that funds to support Ukraine could run out by mid-summer.

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