Ukraine's Foreign Minister Explains Why Jeddah Talks Turned Into 'Breakthrough'

Friday, 11 August 2023

Dmytro Kuleba, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, has termed the negotiations in Saudi Arabia with representatives from 42 countries around the world as a 'breakthrough' for Kyiv. The meeting took place last weekend.

In an interview with Reuters, the Ukrainian minister stated that the number of countries interested in participating in meetings such as the Jeddah gathering has "increased dramatically" in recent weeks, adding the events lay a crucial foundation for future talks on Ukraine's vision for peace.

"We are fully satisfied with the dynamics of this process. I believe the meeting in Jeddah was a breakthrough because for the first time, we brought together countries representing (the) entire world, not only Europe and North America," noted Kuleba.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministrer, "if a country wants to be in the front seat of world politics, it has to become part of these coordination meetings."

Earlier, Kuleba stated that Ukraine would be ready to engage in talks with Russia once its troops withdraw from Ukraine, but not with President Vladimir Putin.

After the meeting in Saudi Arabia, Andrii Yermak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said that Ukraine planned to hold two summits on the peace formula presented by Zelenskyy, one of which would involve Russia.

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