Czechia Reduces Benefits for Ukrainian Refugees

Tuesday, 22 August 2023

Czechia has tightened the conditions for assistance to Ukrainian refugees to save budget costs.

According to Seznam Zprávy, the Czech government has reported that Prague reduces expenses for Ukrainian refugees by more than a third. It is connected to the lex Ukrajina law, which revises refugee payments and came into effect in July.

In June 2023, Czechia spent nearly 71 million euros on humanitarian aid and solidarity grants. By July, these expenses dropped to 46 million euros.

Labour Minister Marian Jurečka confirmes that the change in conditions has led to a significant reduction in costs. He stated that some refugees left the country and returned to Ukraine, while others decided to find work in Czechia to cover their needs.

Currently, Czechia has registered 325,742 Ukrainians with temporary protection, making it one of the European leaders to host the most Ukrainian refugees per capita. According to Czech labour bureau data, almost 110,000 refugees with temporary protection were employed in July.

As of July, individuals living in registered apartments receive housing assistance of 125 euros per month. Additionally, refugees receive humanitarian aid.

Children, students, and elderly individuals are entitled to larger assistance – around 200 euros per month – while others receive around 130 euros. People with disabilities receive additional benefits.

According to a survey by the STEM agency, 56% of the Czech population support the presence of Ukrainian refugees in the country.

Previously, the incomes of two-thirds of Ukrainian refugees in Czechia fall below the poverty line since a significant number working in unskilled positions.

Prior to this, the Czech Ministry of Interior submitted amendments to the lex Ukraine law for approval, which provide for the extension of temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees for another year – until the end of March 2025.

The governments of European countries allocated over 43 billion euros for sheltering Ukrainians who became refugees due to the war initiated by Russia.

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