In Czechia, Man Brutally Attacked Two Ukrainian Women after Learning about Their Nationality

Wednesday, 23 August 2023

A man in Czechia assaulted two Ukrainian women with his fists when he found out they were from Ukraine.

According to Novinky, an incident occurred on Sunday, August 13, in Plasy in the northern Pilsen region.

"We went to the carousel with our children. Then Lily and I were sitting on the curb talking. A Škoda Octavia with a trailer approached us, and the man behind the wheel asked if we were from Ukraine. Then he drove a few meters away, left the engine running, and returned to us," an elderly Ukrainian woman described the situation leading up to the attack. According to her, the man initially began using foul language and then attacked them.

"First, I received three punches to the face. Then he was pulling my hair to make me stand up. Immediately, he attacked Lily," described the subsequent events, said victim Tetiana.

She took advantage of the moment when the attacker focused on her friend. She quickly approached his car and pulled the key out of the ignition lock, preventing him from driving away.

"I was about to call the police when two other men approached me from behind and hit me in the back, causing me to drop the key. The first attacker picked it up, got in the car, and drove away. Two young girls and a boy were already coming towards us, and they called the police and ambulance, as Lily was lying on the ground with blood on her face," Tetiana continued.

She only suffered bruises. She then handed a photo of the car with the license plate to the arriving police patrol while providing a detailed description of the attacker.

Another Ukrainian woman who was attacked remembers very little. According to regional paramedic Andrea Divišová, she was transported by ambulance to the emergency department of the Pilsen University Hospital in an unconscious state. As the medics concluded, she suffered an open fracture of the jaw, as well as the cheekbones fractures and nasal bones.

Police spokeswoman Eva Červenková stated that her colleagues are investigating all the case circumstances. She declined to comment on whether the suspect has been apprehended.

The victims themselves, who fled to Czechia with their children a few weeks after the Russian invasion, cannot explain the motive for the attack.

"We didn't argue with anyone. We didn't provoke anyone," they assure. However, according to their words, they somewhat connect it to a tragic incident happened last week when a young Ukrainian sexually assaulted and attempted to kill a 15-year-old girl in Pilsen.

"This act caused a huge resonance, and people's hatred towards Ukrainians intensified. We were locked in the dormitory and were afraid to go outside," summed up Tetiana.

Plasy's Mayor, Eva Kantor Pořádková, said that the police informed her about the incident in general terms. In this context, she drew attention to the fact that Plasy is one of the localities with the highest number of Ukrainian refugees. "There are two hundred of them living in the local dormitory alone. But we haven't had any serious conflicts yet," the mayor added.

In early August, an 18-year-old foreigner in Pilsen, according to investigators, brutally attacked, sexually assaulted, and attempted to kill a girl who, according to unofficial information, is 15 years old. As Pilsen Mayor Roman Zarzycký, claims the accused is a Ukrainian, living in Czechia for a long time.

Later, it was shared on social media that a 16-year-old teenager who attacked a woman in Prague's district of Hostivař is also Ukrainian. In both cases, the police do not disclose the suspect nationality.

Czech Minister of the Interior Vít Rakušan held a press conference on Sunday, August 13, stating that there is no collective guilt in the case of criminal actions.

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