Romania Builds Shelters in Towns Bordering Ukraine Attacked by Russia

Friday, 8 September 2023

The Romanian National Committee for Emergency Situations has decided to step up protection measures in areas near Ukrainian cities that are under fire from Russia.

As Digi24 reports, the committee's decision authorises the Ministry of National Defence to identify areas on the Romanian side of the Danube, opposite the Ukrainian ports of Reni and Izmail, that are being bombed by Russians. Protection measures are to be introduced in these areas.

These measures include sending out Ro-Alert messages in areas where there is a risk of "elements belonging to the means of warfare used in the conflict" falling.

In addition to alerting the population with Ro-Alert messages, county emergency inspectorates will instruct local residents on how to act in threatening situations. 

Shelters will be built in Plauru and Ceatalchioi, as well as in other settlements.

On 4 September, Ukraine reported that two Shahed attack drones had crashed in Romania during a Russian attack on Izmail and Reni.

At first, the Romanian side categorically denied the incident. However, on 6 September, the Minister of Defence confirmed that fragments similar to drone wreckage had been found near the banks of the Danube on the Romanian side and submitted for examination.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis then said that an urgent investigation was needed and that if it was confirmed that these were fragments of a Shahed drone, Romania would consider the situation "absolutely unacceptable".

The country has also begun discussing the evacuation of residents of villages across the Danube opposite Ukrainian ports.

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