Lithuanian MP Explains Why 2028 Is "Super-Optimistic" Deadline for Ukraine's Accession to EU – Video

Tuesday, 12 December 2023

The earliest date when Ukraine could join the EU in the best-case scenario is 2028, which is associated with the multiannual budget of the European Union. 

When asked whether Ukraine's accession to the EU is realistic earlier than in 2030, for example, in 2027, Auštrevičius noted that this is very dependent on budget processes in the EU.

"Now we live in the ‘multiannual financial framework’, so-called ‘multiannual seven-year budget of European Union 2021-2027. I don’t see money in that framework for Ukraine. Ukraine is a record-breaker in this regard; I mean, what comes [in terms of] application and candidate status and now decision on the start [of the negotiations]," Lithuanian MP Petras Auštrevičius explained in an interview with European Pravda  

Therefore, even in an ideal scenario, if Ukraine passes all the processes in record time and meets all the necessary criteria, the European Union is not ready to accept a new member with the current budget, which runs until 2027.

So, for example, the mere practice of subsidies for agriculture, even if they are minimal at first, already means additional billions of euros.  

"We have to pre-plan that money; otherwise, the membership of Ukraine will be not fully-fledged. So that’s why I don’t see it by 2027, [even if] negotiations might progress very well," Auštrevičius said.  

When asked whether 2028 is a realistic goal, the MP said that it would be "a huge success", but this means that Ukraine will have to carry out very serious transformations in a short time. 

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