Give Me One Reason Why Ukraine Shouldn't Be in the EU, Zelenskyy Tells Orbán

Wednesday, 13 December 2023

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that during a conversation with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, he asked him to name just one reason why Ukraine should not be in the EU. Zelenskyy said he was waiting for Orbán's response.

"I can't say that it was a particularly or deliberately planned meeting. We had a dialogue. That’s true.

I think we need to organise a constructive meeting between our countries because we have common borders, we are neighbours, and we need to talk.

One very important topic that I raised with him was that we need to talk, we need to solve problems. That's why we just need to meet. I’ve shown him that I have a positive attitude to this idea. 


Second. I think I am right [in saying this] and I made it clear to him that he has no reason to block Ukraine's membership of the European Union. I asked him to give me just one reason. Not three, not five, not ten, just one reason, and I'm waiting for an answer," Zelenskyy said at the press conference with participants of the Nordic Summit.

On 10 December, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke briefly with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán during the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected president of Argentina. Zelenskyy said that the conversation was "as frank as possible".

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