German Chancellor Promises to Seek Agreement of EU Summit on Negotiations with Ukraine

Thursday, 14 December 2023

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, arriving at the meeting of the European Council in Brussels, declared his support for the opening of negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the European Union and promised to make efforts for a positive decision at the EU summit.

"I have already said this in the German Bundestag: Germany is very supportive of the commission's proposal regarding Ukraine. So we will also actively try to achieve a good European understanding for joint actions," European Pravda’s reporter informs from Brussels.

This is how Scholz commented on the main topic of the summit – European negotiations with Ukraine.

Speaking about the potential veto of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Scholz noted that now it is important "for everyone to talk to each other, and for it to happen with the good intention of reaching an agreement."


"I am convinced this is a necessary debate here in Europe. We must make progress in these accession processes (of new members).

This is the decision of the EU that we are ready for the enlargement that is being discussed with the states of the Western Balkans, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia," he added.

As European Pravda reported, on the morning of 14 December, key leaders tried to convince Orbán of the need to support Ukraine. After that, the Hungarian leader said that he was not opposing Ukraine joining the EU, but "saw no reason" for negotiations.

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