France promises Ukraine dozens of missiles for fighter jets and more shells

Thursday, 18 January 2024

French Defence Minister Sébastien Lecornu has announced that his country will begin monthly deliveries of dozens of missiles adapted for Soviet aircraft models to Kyiv, along with an additional 1,000 artillery shells.

The minister said in an interview with France Inter that France plans to supply Ukraine with ADSM-type medium-range air-to-surface missiles.

Lecornu said that the French had managed to adapt these missiles for Soviet aircraft types, rather than the older French Rafale or Mirage fighter aircraft for which they were originally designed. "We will supply 50 of them per month throughout 2024, beginning in January," the minister said.

Lecornu added that France will also increase the monthly volume of munitions it delivers to Ukraine. Lecornu said that from the first months of the full-scale war until the beginning of 2023, France provided thousands of munitions per month. "Since last February, it has been 2,000 per month, and from this month, it will be 3,000 munitions every month," Lecornu noted.


The minister declined to specify the delivery dates for the 40 long-range SCALP missiles announced by President Macron for security reasons.

In the interview, Lecornu also stated that France will be able to manufacture 78 Caesar self-propelled howitzers by the beginning of next year.

The minister also stated that he strongly disagrees with claims that Russia has completely seized the initiative and noted that while the Ukrainian counteroffensive did not achieve the anticipated results, neither has the Russian offensive, and the front line remains stable.

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