Hungarian government publishes poll with 98% allegedly supporting its anti-Ukrainian policy

Thursday, 25 January 2024

The Hungarian government has published the results of a survey in which 98% of respondents allegedly support the anti-Ukrainian policy of the Hungarian government, in particular, regarding the war in Ukraine. 

The survey, called "national consultation", contained 11 questions about the war in Ukraine, the EU, and foreign and economic policy. Voting on it is not verified in any way. 

The results of the "consultation" show that in each of the 11 questions, the absolute majority, 97.5% and more, supported the position of the Hungarian government. 

The Fidesz governing party separately emphasised that 98% of Hungarian voters supported a "ceasefire and peace for our neighbour" instead of supplying weapons, as well as opposed "migrant ghettos" and favoured "strengthening regulations for the protection of children". 

Judging by the published data, more than 1.5 million votes were registered in the "national consultation" of the Hungarian government. This is less than 15% of the registered Hungarian voters and about the same as those who voted in the previous "consultation". 

In addition, as European Pravda previously found out, it was possible to vote at the "consultation" several times and even without the presence of Hungarian citizenship, which allows one to express reasonable doubts about the representativeness of such a vote. 

The issues were related to the wars in Ukraine and Israel, Ukraine's accession to the EU, as well as utility payments, interest rate freezes, additional income tax, foreign influence on Hungarian politics, and the law on child protection. 

Four issues were related to Ukraine, and all of them were formulated manipulatively.

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