Polish police report on investigation into grain-spilling incident in border area

Monday, 12 February 2024

Commenting on their investigation into the recent incident where protesting Polish farmers spilled grain from three Ukrainian trucks, Polish law enforcement officials announced that they are currently collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and plan to submit their case file to the local prosecutor's office soon.

"The police conducted an appropriate inspection of the scene yesterday, collected relevant information from the drivers and interviewed witnesses. We are seeking to establish the detailed circumstances surrounding the incident and to identify the culprit who unlawfully opened the trucks," Ewa Czyż, spokesperson for the Chełm Police Department, said in a comment to Ukrinform news agency.

No suspects have yet been arrested as part of the investigation, the spokeswoman said.

Czyż noted that the case files are currently in the possession of the police. Law enforcement officers are still collecting evidence, and the local prosecutor's office will receive them tomorrow.

"The prosecutor's office will determine our course of action moving forward," the police spokeswoman added.

On Friday, farmers from all over Poland launched another protest action which is expected to last 30 days. It involves, among other things, blocking roads and border crossings with Ukraine.

On Sunday, near the Dorohusk border crossing, protesters spilled some grain from Ukrainian lorries that had crossed the border.

Ukraine's Embassy in Poland expects a strong reaction from Poland after the incident at the border.

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