US Senate approves US$60 billion aid bill for Ukraine

Tuesday, 13 February 2024

The US Senate voted in favour of a package bill that includes US$60 billion to support Ukraine, with 66 senators out of the required 60 supporting the document.

The draft law, which combines funds for assistance to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and humanitarian aid, was voted in favour by 66 senators out of the required 60, and against by 27.

The bill is being considered without the sensitive issue of the southern border after Republicans blocked the initial draft.

The day before, the US Senate voted to end the debate on the text of the package bill, which includes funds to support Ukraine. 

However, before the vote on Sunday, Donald Trump also spoke out against the continuation of US aid to other countries, except in the form of loans.

It is not yet known whether Republicans in the House of Representatives will agree to support the bill if it is approved in the Senate.

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