EU Commission reacts to Medvedev's statement on Kyiv and Odesa's "return" to Russia, advises him to see a shrink

Thursday, 22 February 2024

Peter Stano, the speaker of the European Commission on foreign policy issues, sees no reason to comment on Dmitry Medvedev's statements as Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation's Security Council, but advises him to seek psychological help.

"We usually do not comment on the words of people who are attempting to draw attention to themselves, especially if it is an internal ‘number two’ for some reason. Although it is commendable that the person you mentioned publicly broadcasts his mental health diagnosis, all that can be said here is to recommend consultations and specialist help," Stano responded to Medvedev's words, who reiterated Russia's claims to Kyiv and Odesa.

He added that with the billions of dollars that Russia has spent on the war against Ukraine, Moscow could find money for programmes to keep its citizens healthy as well.

"I believe the foreign ministers of the member states made their position clear when they met on Monday: we will continue to support Ukraine, which is rightfully defending itself against aggression... The EU's High Representative (Josep Borrell) and member states are doing everything they can to provide Ukraine with ‘more and faster’, and not just ‘how much it will be necessary’, but ‘no matter how much it costs’," the speaker added.


On the weekend, Medvedev again threatened Western capitals with nuclear strikes if the Russian Federation is forced to return to the borders of 1991.

Earlier, Denmark announced a package of military assistance for Ukraine for almost US$250 million.

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