Estonian Defence Forces chief adamant Estonia would win war against Russia

Thursday, 18 April 2024

General Martin Herem, Commander of Estonia's Defence Forces, firmly believes that if Russia launches an invasion in Estonia, his country will succeed in repelling it.

As reported by Estonian public broadcaster ERR, Herem explained that Estonia does not need to wait for NATO to arrive because the Alliance is already there.

"The current system is such that NATO is here and is not going anywhere and grows even bigger when there are signs of a threat," he said.

NATO has specific combat plans for the defence of Estonia, the Estonian general added.


"At present, we have specific people who come to Estonia, practice, and are ready to respond rapidly," said Herem.

The official noted that Estonia, Finland, and Sweden would immediately take control of the situation in the Baltic Sea should any potential aggression commence, and Russian forces entering Estonian territory would be stopped by infantry or tanks.

"And as for all those who would attempt to influence us from a distance of 50 or 100 kilometres, as is happening in Ukraine today, we will smash them to pieces. We would destroy them not in Rakvere or Narva [both in Estonia] but in [Russia’s] Ivangorod, Pechory or somewhere else," said Herem.

The general emphasised that he was adamant that Estonia would win militarily, but the looming concern is the potential toll this victory might take.

Earlier, Herem stated that in order to fulfil threats against NATO and the Baltic states in particular, Russia needs to implement several factors, the key one being putting an end to the war in Ukraine.

The general also said that NATO had underestimated Russia's ability to produce shells and replenish its forces.

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