Ukraine signs security agreement with Finland, Ukrainian President's Office shares details

Wednesday, 3 April 2024

On Wednesday 3 April, Ukraine and Finland signed an agreement for security cooperation and long-term support.

As reported by the press service of the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president, and Finnish President Alexander Stubb have signed the agreement in Kyiv. There are 89 clauses in the document.

The published text foresees that Finland commits to providing long-term support to Ukraine's needs, particularly in the areas of security and defence, as well as to strengthening Ukraine's stability.

"Finland’s security commitments to Ukraine seek to complement contributions from the participants of the G7 Declaration, including the EU and the Nordic countries. These security commitments to Ukraine are coordinated with allies and partners," the document states. 

Finland will continue its support for Ukraine during the ten-year term of this agreement.

Finland will continue to provide Ukraine with comprehensive support for as long as necessary. Ukraine, for its part, is determined to implement public administration reforms, including transparency, accountability and anti-corruption reforms.

Finland's military support will remain substantial and will contain defensive assets based on Ukraine's urgent and critical needs, such as ammunition.

The agreement emphasises that "the future of Ukraine and its people lies within the Euro-Atlantic family."

"Ukraine’s future membership of NATO will make a strong contribution to peace and security in Europe. The Participants reaffirm that Ukraine’s security is integral to Euro-Atlantic and global security," the text says.

The agreement also highlights Ukraine's rightful place in NATO, and that Finland will support "Ukraine’s reform efforts on its path towards future NATO membership" by promoting practical and political cooperation within the NATO-Ukraine Council, Ukraine's adapted Annual National Programme, and the comprehensive NATO assistance package.

Both countries reaffirm their commitment to working constructively for Ukraine's gradual integration into the EU with the goal of its future EU membership.

To achieve specific objectives, Ukraine and Finland will hold an annual high-level dialogue on strategic security and defence policy.

"In the event of a future Russian armed attack against Ukraine, at the request of either Participant, the Participants will consult within 24 hours, bilaterally or via other channels they both deem suitable, in order to determine appropriate next steps," the agreement says.

Ukraine is negotiating a security agreement with eight countries, including Latvia, the United States, Japan, Romania, Norway, Spain, Greece, and Finland, as well as the European Union.

Ukraine has already signed security agreements with the UKGermanyFranceDenmarkItaly, Canada, and the Netherlands.

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