Sweden transfers its largest aid package to Ukraine

Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Sweden has announced its sixteenth package of military aid to Ukraine, the largest package for the country. It will cost SEK 13.3 billion (about €1.16 billion).

The government reported that the package will allow Ukraine to strengthen its air defence and meet its priority needs.

As part of this package, Sweden will hand over ASC-890 Airborne Surveillance and Control aircraft. These aircraft will provide Ukraine with "a completely new capability against both airborne and maritime targets" and strengthen its ability to hit targets. The aircraft will also be supplied with training and technical equipment.

Sweden will also hand over the entire Swedish stock of 302 armoured personnel carriers to support the development of new brigades of the Ukrainian forces.


The package also includes RB 99-AMRAAM missiles, which can be used on aircraft and ground-based air defence systems, artillery ammunition, and resources to service previously transferred equipment. 

The 16th military support package also includes fuel transport vehicles, which are redundant in the Swedish Armed Forces, along with financial support for coalitions of forces and assets and financial support for funds and temporary initiatives that make it possible to quickly purchase equipment for Ukraine on a large scale.

The package also further strengthens Ukraine's ability to manage combat operations by providing terminals with subscriptions for satellite communications.

Swedish Defence Minister Pål Jonson said that several states had asked Sweden to pause its plans to send Gripen fighters to Ukraine due to the focus on the supply of F-16 fighters.

In autumn, the media reported that the Swedish government was carefully preparing for the potential transfer of Gripen fighters to Ukraine.

Subsequently, Pål Jonson said that after the final accession to NATO, Sweden does not exclude the possibility of delivering Gripen fighters to Ukraine.

In August 2023, during President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's visit to Sweden, they discussed the provision of Gripen fighters to Ukraine.

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