Ukraine's Foreign Ministry on Putin's ultimatum: Russia's plans are not for peace, but for continuation of war

Friday, 14 June 2024

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has stated that Russian leader Vladimir Putin seeks to disrupt the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland with his ultimatum for the start of "peace talks".

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry recalled that Putin's ultimatums have been voiced many times before and are aimed at "undermining diplomatic efforts to achieve a just peace and shattering the unity of the world majority around the purposes and principles of the UN Charter".

"By throwing such signals into the information space on the eve of the inaugural Global Peace Summit in Switzerland, Putin pursues only one goal: to prevent leaders and countries from participating in this summit," the Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry added that Russia's plans are "not for peace, but for the continuation of the war, the occupation of Ukraine, the destruction of the Ukrainian people, and further aggression in Europe".


Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has urged as many countries and organisations as possible to attend the inaugural Global Peace Summit to force Russia to abandon ultimatums and move to good-faith negotiations to end the war.

On Friday, Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin came up with new "conditions for the start of peace talks": Ukrainian forces must withdraw from the territory of four Ukrainian oblasts, parts of which are occupied by Russia, and Kyiv must declare that it has no plans to join NATO.

Putin issued his statement on the eve of the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland, an event to which Russia was neither invited nor recognised as a genuine peace initiative.

On the eve of the summit, troublesome provisions of the meeting's final document, which could have had adverse consequences for Ukraine, were revised in Switzerland – the text of the decision has been changed in recent days.

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