Poles block lorry traffic through Rava-Ruska checkpoint

Tuesday, 4 June 2024

The Poles have blocked lorry traffic at the Rava-Ruska checkpoint on the border with Ukraine.

"At 11:20, the Polish side informed us that they had started blocking traffic to the Hrebenne checkpoint. Representatives of local farmers demanded to reduce the import of grain crops into the territory of the Republic of Poland from Ukraine.

As part of the announced blockade, the protesters are not allowing lorries to leave Ukraine," State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reports.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported that lorries are allowed to enter Ukraine according to the previously announced schedule of 12 vehicles per 12 hours, as well as one additional run of four lorries transporting humanitarian aid per hour.


Other categories of vehicles are allowed to cross in both directions, as usual.

As of 11:20, the queue of lorries leaving Ukraine consisted of 33 vehicles registered in the electronic queue.

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