"Putin Tribunal" to Indict about 20 Russians: Interview with Ukraine's Envoye for War Trials
Anton Korynevych: "To reach a verdict against Putin while he is sitting in a bunker, we need a trial in absentia. This is real."
Not Only Putin Behind Genocide. Entire Russia Should Be also Tried for Utmost Crime
Russia could become the first state convicted of genocide. However, Ukraine's cautious position is an obstacle to condemning the Russian Federation.
Russia Intends to Commit Genocide in Ukraine, Six Ways to Prove It. Lecture by Timothy Snyder
The logic of Mein Kampf, and the logic of Russian propaganda today is about exterminating as many Ukrainians as "needed" to be exterminated. This is the idea of Putin.
Fueling Genocide: Western Financial Institutions Must Stop Supporting Russia
JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Citigroup and Crédit Agricole have provided in total more than 12 billion dollars of loans for Russian oil and gas companies in the run up to Russia’s full scale military invasion and continued providing financial services for them after Putin started the massacre.
Proving Genocide Committed by Putin, Lavrov, and the Russian Army. Interview of Ukrainian Lawyer
Anton Korynevych: "We have all seen Bucha, Irpin, and Gostomel, but we have not yet seen Mariupol and other cities where horrors have also occurred and continue."
Russian Crimes in Ukraine Have Escalated to Genocide. Proving This Can Change the World
The Russian Federation has planned a crime of genocide against the Ukrainian nation. It has even set the rules for arranging "mass graves" per 1,000 people each.
ICJ First Order in the “Genocide Case” against Russia: Details and Implications
This order is binding. Further waging of war by the Kremlin, is not just a breach of international law but a violation of the decision of one key judicial bodies in the world.
Russia against the World: When to Expect the ICJ, UN Court's Order against the Kremlin
This is a matter of national life or death. Her final words were: "I respectfully urge the court to issue your order with utmost urgency. We are in your hands."
The Tribunal is not only for Putin: ways to hold the Russian elite accountable for the aggression in Ukraine
It is not the first such declaration in history. A similar one was signed during the Second World War, which subsequently resulted in the Nuremberg trials where Nazi leaders were tried for war crimes. 
Genocide Allegations in The Hague: Explaining Ukraine Claim Against Russia Before the ICJ
The war of the Ukrainian people against Russian invaders continues on many fronts. Now another front is starting - a legal war.