This chapter consists of so-called Editorial articles, devoted to cornerstone issues or developments on topics of our coverage.

These pieces do not have a personal authorship, they are co-elaborated and co-signed by all editorial staff, reflecting its joint position.
Poland Must Recognise It's Waging War against Ukraine's European Future
Poland’s full-scale trade war against Ukraine is ongoing and is worsening. Week after week, Poland is killing Ukraine’s European future...
History Being Made in Vilnius. President Biden to Benefit from NATO Summit No Less than Ukraine
Joe Biden will undoubtedly be a part of world history: the Russian-Ukrainian war left no other choice. But now, "Biden's page" in this history book is controversial.
Enough Is Enough. Time for Ukraine to Cut Ties with Belarus
This article is Editorial, meaning we publish the text with the signature of the entire editorial office. It has the support of all our journalists.
The Illusion of Compromise. Concessions to Russia Proposed by the NYT Will Defeat the West
But this is and must be Ukraine's decision. Because if the West tries to impose it, by limiting aid, or other means, it will lead to catastrophe.
Disappointment in NATO. Emotions should not destroy the future of Ukraine
...That day NATO membership will also become a reality. That is, of course, if the Ukrainian government and society do not recklessly abandon it now.
Germany is Provoking War and Ruins its Future in Ukraine. This Must Stop
Wars become part of the nation’s genetic code. Some nations become friends, others are perceived as enemies or their allies...
Deutschland drängt zum Krieg und zerstört seine Zukunft in der Ukraine. Das muss aufhören
Due to the special nature and importance of the article we publish it also in German, in addition to the Ukrainian and English version...
NATO Compatibility Plan: what the Alliance is to do for real changes in Ukraine
This is an editorial article, co-authored by European Pravda and a group of NGOs involved in the implementation of reforms to bring Ukraine closer to Euro-Atlantic integration.