The PACE in Strasbourg to Officially Recognize Transnistria as a Zone of Russian Occupation

Tuesday, 15 March 2022

On Tuesday the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is about to adopt a resolution, recognising, inter alia, Russia's armed aggression against Moldova in 1992, as well as Russia's occupation of Transnistria.

This is supported by a document available to "European Pravda".

It is a draft decision initiating Russia's final expulsion from the Council of Europe and to be voted on Tuesday night (for the consequences of Russia's exclusion from the Council of Europe, see the EP video).

Parliamentarians submitted several amendments to this draft, one of which concerns Transnistria.

PACE members from Romania, Ukraine, France, Estonia, Great Britain, Georgia, and Turkey have proposed that the assembly officially recognize Russia's occupation of a part of Moldova's territory. The decision proposes to declare that earlier "Russia committed an act of military aggression against the Republic of Moldova and, respectively, the occupation of its Transnistrian region."

According to the EP, the meeting of the respective committee upon consideration of the draft decision adopted this amendment unanimously and therefore, is likely to be included in the final text.

This is the first official recognition of Transnistria as an "occupied territory" at this level. Until now, the Council of Europe has called the territory "under the effective control of the Russian Federation" as its strongest wording. As a rule, the documents of the Council of Europe and other organizations generally avoided any wording about the status of Transnistria.

It is noteworthy that the representatives of Moldova did not co-sponsor the amendment. However, based on a unanimous vote, they also did not object to the recognition of the occupation.

According to the EP, Transnistria recently wanted "recognition of independence" from Moldova.

Meanwhile, Moldova is preparing for various scenarios due to Russia's actions in Transnistria.

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