Ukraine's MFA Confirms 31 Cases of Threats To Ukrainian Diplomats in 15 Countries

Wednesday, 7 December 2022

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, said that Ukrainian diplomats still receive threats. It has been 31 cases in 15 countries.

The Minister wrote about this on his Facebook. He claims that suspicious packages have been delivered to the embassies in Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Denmark and the consulate in Gdańsk in the last two days.

"We have already had 31 cases in 15 countries in total: Austria (1), Vatican (1), Denmark (1), Spain (5), Italy (4), Kazakhstan (1), the Netherlands (1), Poland (6), Portugal (2), Romania (2), USA (1), Hungary (2), France (1), Croatia (1), Czech Republic (2)," Kuleba wrote.

He said all the packages had the same sender's address: Tesla Store in the German town of Sindelfingen. Usually, the shipment was made from post offices without video surveillance systems. Criminals also took measures not to leave traces of their DNA on the packages.

The Minister is in contact with his colleagues overseas. Ukrainian embassies cooperate with the foreign party in investigating all cases of threats. Law enforcement agencies of Ukraine have also promptly started their investigation.

"The current campaign of terror against Ukrainian diplomats is unprecedented in its scale, not only against Ukraine but also at the global level. I do not recall cases in history when so many embassies and consulates of one country were subjected to such massive attacks in such a short time," Kuleba said.

"But no matter how hard the enemies try to intimidate Ukrainian diplomacy, they will not succeed. We will continue to work for our victory," he emphasised.

As reported, the Embassy of Ukraine in Bucharest received two suspicious packages on December 6. Deminers were called to the scene. The Embassy of Ukraine to Denmark also received a dangerous package after that.

On December 5, the police in Spain seized new packages from the post office with animal eyes inside addressed to Ukrainian diplomatic institutions for intimidation.

After the terrorist attack in Spain, bloody packages arrived at the embassies to Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Italy, the consulates general in Naples and Krakow, as well as the consulate in Brno. There were animal eyes inside. There were animal eyes in the packages, and the packages themselves were soaked in a liquid of a typical colour, smelling accordingly.

Later it became known that the embassy of Ukraine in Madrid, where the "letter bomb" was sent on Wednesday, received a package with traces of blood.

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