Latvia to Impose Fines for "I Am Russian!" Stickers on Cars

Tuesday, 26 September 2023

The Latvian police have declared the practice of putting stickers on personal vehicles with "potentially provocative inscriptions in Russian", such as "I am Russian", unacceptable.

This was the reaction of law enforcement officers to a photo of a car with a Latvian number plate and the inscription "I am Russian" posted on the social media platform Twitter.

Given the current geopolitical situation and the war in Ukraine, the agency stated that such stickers could be perceived as an endorsement of military aggression or support for Russia's war crimes.

The Latvian police said that if such stickers were found, they would demand that car owners immediately remove them and explain the purpose of displaying them.

Drivers may also be fined for propaganda promoting military aggression.

Earlier in September, Latvia sentenced the founder and administrator of the Russian-language Facebook group Criminal Latvia, Yuri Mikhailov, to two months in prison for justifying war crimes.

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