Pentagon Explains Why No Conditions Set for Israel's Use of Weapons, Unlike for Ukraine

Wednesday, 18 October 2023

The Pentagon has answered questions about the fact that the United States is not imposing conditions on Israel regarding the use of American weapons, while certain conditions have been placed on Ukraine. 

Sabrina Singh, Deputy Spokesperson of the Pentagon, was asked at a briefing if this means that Washington trusts the Israelis more than the Ukrainians, to which she replied, "I wouldn't look at it like that".

"I would say that both Ukraine and Israel are engaged in two very different wars right now," the Pentagon representative said.

As an example, she cited the use of cluster munitions by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, noting that they are being handled very responsibly. 

Singh emphasised that the conditions for the use of cluster munitions are necessary primarily for the safety of Ukrainians themselves. 

"…when they start clearing those – when they start taking back their territory, to avoid further civilian casualties…," the spokeswoman said. 

At the same time, she said, Israel is one of the oldest allies of the US in the region, and Washington cooperates very closely with it when it comes to providing assistance in the security sphere. 

"We have to remember that this attack is considered their 9/11. They have every right and should respond to the terrorists that killed innocent people. Again, in our conversations, we have been very clear that they – that the Israelis, when engaging, continue to uphold the law of war, that they allow civilians – innocent civilians safe passage. But again, we have to remember that they were attacked viciously on October 7th," Singh added. 

During a meeting of NATO defence ministers in Brussels, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said that Washington is not setting any conditions for the use of the military aid that it provides to Israel. 

He added that Israel has a "professional army", and Washington "hopes and expects" that the aid will be used properly.

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