Moldova to Block More than 20 Russian-Managed Websites

Monday, 30 October 2023

The Security and Intelligence Service of Moldova (SIS) has ordered 31 that Internet portals, 21 of which are managed directly from Russia, be blocked.

Alexandru Musteață, Director of the Security and Intelligence Service of Moldova, also connected the blocked websites with fugitive oligarchs Ilan Shor and Vlad Plahotniuc.

"Obviously, Plahotniuc's criminal group and Shor's criminal group are equal in the national media space. Their actions combined with the entire hybrid arsenal of Russia are directed against Moldova. With today's decision of the National Emergency Situations Commission, the state protects our information space," Newsmaker quotes the head of the SIS.

The decree with information about which portals were banned in Moldova was promised to be published later during the day.

Earlier, Musteață announced that six TV channels will be blocked in Moldova during the state of emergency. These are Orizont TV, ITV, Prime, Publika, Canal 2 and Canal 3.

It was reported that access to more than 20 Russian Internet resources will be blocked in Moldova after the decision of the Information and Security Service of Moldova in October.

The Polytnavigator and Newsfront sources were blocked in Moldova, as well as the Sputnik media websites, which were launched to replace the previously blocked ones, in the spring.

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