What Ukraine Is Doing to Unlock Border with EU

Wednesday, 22 November 2023

The border blockade by Polish protesters against Ukraine has been ongoing for three weeks. All attempts by the Ukrainian authorities to compromise have been unsuccessful.

Even though the protesters assured to not block humanitarian shipments for Ukraine, they have demostated the opposite. Slovak hauliers have also joined a similar border blockade.

Read more in the article by Yurii Panchenko, European Pravda editor, who spoke with Deputy Minister of Development of Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure of Ukraine, Serhii Derkach Actions of Polish Government Raise Many Questions. New Government Might Unblock the Border.

We hope that this blockade is temporary. However, it depends on several factors, primarily on the determination of the protesters to stand their ground.

There seems to be a political story behind this blockade because those currently blocking the border do not seem interested in compromising.

They want permissions for Ukrainian hauilers to be returned by 1 January 2024. This is their main and essentially demand, as all other demands without this one practically do not work.

However, there is no intention to fulfil this demand.

Ukraine knows that the Polish party Confederation is politically behind the border blockade.

The position of the current Polish government is questionable.

Polish colleagues seem to be trying to find a solution and propose something to the protesters in the bilateral meetings .

But honestly, we do not see any effective actions from either the central Polish government or the local authorities to end the blockage.

Moreover, Ukraine is witnessing many violations, but the Polish government is not reacting to them.

Ukraine is forced to seek help from the European Commission.

Ukraine says: Colleagues, look, this is not just the border of Poland. It is the border of the entire European Union. Does this mean that one can simply block the EU border, cause harm to all EU countries, and face no consequences?

It also says: Everyone respects the right to strike, but there must be safeguards to prevent border blockades, as this is primarily a security issue for the EU itself.

It seems that the European Union should make a decision that will not allow the border to be blocked.

Ukraine has mentioned to the European Union two problems in these protests.

First, there are violations of some international agreements.

Second, international standards are being violated.

Humanitarian aid cannot be denied entry into the country. Dangerous cargoes, especially fuel, cannot be held on the road without parking spaces.

Ukraine has millions of videos showing fuel trucks standing on the road without any signs. One could easily drive into them at night. This is a violation of all international standards.

The hauliers may stop the blockade today, but tomorrow they will submit a new application and obtain permission for a new strike.

If this issue is not legally resolved, they can block the border for various reasons every day.

What do we know about Slovakia? Protesters from Poland came to Slovakia, negotiated with one of the transport organisations, and supposedly gained some support.

It became known that Slovak hauilers have also joined the border blockade. However, the movement of trucks was resumed after a while.

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