Why Is US Tired of War in Ukraine and How Serious Is Risk of Cutting off Aid

Thursday, 23 November 2023

The political storm in Washington, where Congress has been unable to approve the American budget for several months, and the delay in decisions on aid to Ukraine, seriously worries Ukraine about the American support and its extent.

On whether the world is truly growing war fatigue and what to expect from the US, read the article by Sergiy Sydorenko, European Pravda editor – US understands that war will last long and the truce can only be temporary.

The head of the Voice Parliamentary group, Oleksandra Ustynova, works with American counterparts, whom she forwards Ukraine's needs for weapons and funding.

Is there war fatigue?

There is actually war fatigue. We honestly have to talk about it.

We have to hear even from Americans I know: "We, of course, support Ukraine, but look at how much money we allocate to you." When I share with them the "terrible secret" that less than 0,5% of the budget is spent on Ukraine, they don't believe me and ask again: do you really fight Russia with this amount of money? On top of that, only the half of the 0,5% is for Ukraine. The rest is for NATO allies or restocking their own reserves.

I emphasise that it's about 0,5% of the federal budget, not the GDP!

Moreover, when we talk about sending weapons, 83% of the money allocated for weapons for Ukraine actually stays in America. The state buys the weapon from American manufacturers.

So the costs are not that high.

Ukraine has become a hostage to communication within the United States.

We find ourselves in a situation where, because of this misunderstanding, many votes have been against new assistance for Ukraine. The approval of a new aid package has really stalled.

The situation now can be characterised as "not too critical."

There will be money, but unfortunately, they will come later than expected. The aid package was supposed to be approved in late September when a proposal for $11-12 billion appeared in Congress. Even though we have a two-month delay, a package of $62 billion is being discussed. This is very good.

How is it possible to approve?

In the United States, like everywhere else, package voting helps find votes.

Senators and congressmen promise that immediately after Thanksgiving (next week), the Senate will vote on this package, send it to the House of Representatives, and in mid-December, they will vote.

How is the position of the Republicans changing?

In early 2022, the majority of Republicans voted to support Ukraine. There were fewer than ten people who did not support us immediately.

About half of the Republican Party nowadays is not voting on assistance to Ukraine.

I personally know half of these people, met with them. They say to me: "Personally, I support Ukraine. The problem is that you have become hostages of US domestic politics."

If emotions and empathy moved voters at the beginning, now rationality has been in place. They need to explain something like: "We give Ukraine $60 billion. They will be able to unblock two ports with this money, retake some territory, and this will allow them to earn more themselves, so less assistance will be needed in the future."

It depends on our military, on Zaluzhnyi, on his generals. We need to show a plan to our international partners.

A plan is needed.

They want to see Plan A and Plan B.

If Trump wins, will it be a catastrophe?

It means that it will be difficult for us.

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