US Secretary of State: Senate Would Open Pandora's Box of Aggression If It Does Not Approve Aid for Ukraine

Wednesday, 6 December 2023

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has stressed the importance of continuing to support Ukraine so that Russia is defeated in its aggression.

Blinken said at an event organised by the Washington-based U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) non-profit organisation that the termination of support for Ukraine will allow Russian President Vladimir Putin to continue his aggressive plans with impunity.

"We need to ensure that Ukraine continues to succeed. We need to ensure that Russia continues to fail in its aggression against Ukraine. If we don’t, we know that if Putin is allowed to proceed with impunity, that is going to open a Pandora’s box of aggression around the world," the State Secretary stressed.

He added that additional funding is also important for Israel, as well as for the civilians of Gaza.


As it is known, the issue of protecting the southern border of the United States has become a key source of disagreements between Democrats and Republicans in Congress, which is now hindering the approval of an additional financial request from the White House to help Ukraine.

Republicans demand stricter requirements for newcomers to stop migration, even at the expense of violating the US humanitarian obligations. At the same time, Democrats advocate a comprehensive review of the migration system as such.

Representatives of both parties had been negotiating to reach a compromise, but Senator Chris Murphy, the chief Democratic negotiator, told reporters that the talks had broken down because Republicans refused to back down from their demands.

It was reported that Democrats in the US Senate presented a national security funding package worth about US$111 billion to assist Ukraine and Israel, as well as measures aimed at protecting the US southern border.

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