Lithuania provides Ukraine with anti-drone systems

Friday, 22 March 2024 —

Lithuania has announced the delivery of its drone defence systems to Ukraine.

"Lithuania continues to provide continuous military support to Ukraine. On 22 March, Lithuanian anti-drone systems were delivered to Ukraine," the  Lithuanian Defence Ministry statement reads. 

The ministry noted that the military aid provided to Ukraine within the framework of the national defence system includes a wide range of weapons, ammunition, drones, anti-drones, military training, heavy equipment repairs and other assistance provided according to Ukraine's stated needs. 

"Lithuania has already developed a long-term plan to support Ukraine, which includes a package of military assistance worth €200 million for 2024-2026," the Ministry of Defence pointed out.


Lithuania contributed €35 million to the purchase of artillery shells for Ukraine as part of the Czech initiative.

Czech President Petr Pavel announced at the Munich Security Conference that Czechia had found 800,000 shells that could be sent to Ukraine within a few weeks, but it needed funding to do that. Several partners volunteered to fund this purchase, but not all of them made their participation public.

Before this, Lithuanian representative Vaidotas Urbelis, at the 20th Ramstein-format meeting, called on allies to support Ukraine with demining equipment and training.

In addition, Urbelis expressed his gratitude to the nations that have joined the Lithuanian-led coalition for mine action in Ukraine, which now consists of 22 states.

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