Estonian lawmaker urges NATO to "wake up" after Russians hint at plans to change border

Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Marko Mihkelson, Chairman of the Estonian Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, has said it was time for NATO to "wake up" and prove its ability to respond adequately to threats, particularly after Moscow's hints at plans to redraw the border in the Baltic Sea.

Mihkelson was responding on Twitter to a Moscow Times article about a draft document indicating Russia's plans to unilaterally change the country's maritime borders with Lithuania and Finland in the Baltic Sea.

"With such steps, Russia is testing NATO's readiness to defend itself. So far, he [Russian ruler Vladimir Putin] has received a signal that NATO does not dare to quarrel with Russia. Be it helping Ukraine at half strength and banning their use of weapons, turning a blind eye to Russia's missile and drone inflows, widespread GPS signal jamming, or disrupting vital infrastructure. Even the ambassadors of the NATO member states do not dare to make a joint visit to Kyiv, fearing that it could place NATO as if it were at war with Russia," said Mikkelson.

The lawmaker believes that Moscow views its campaign in Ukraine as part of a battle to destroy the Western-determined world order, and part of this strategic goal is to undermine NATO's credibility.

"It is high time for NATO allies to wake up and decide with which symmetric or asymmetric steps to respond to Russia. Otherwise, there will be new provocations from Russia, which may eventually lead to an immediate military conflict," said Mikkelson.

Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna suggested that media reports about Russia's intentions to change maritime borders in the Baltic Sea are an attempt to "sow confusion".

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