Ukraines Air Force Has No Information about SU-25 Jets Sent by North Macedonia to Ukraine.

Friday, 5 August 2022

North Macedonia's Defense Ministry is silent over four jet donations to Ukraine.

"We currently do not have any confirmation from official sources of either North Macedonia or the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine concerning the donation of these aircraft.

We saw it only in the media. And our reliable people tend to get ahead of themselves here. They always want to be the first to cover the events. We have not published such information so far. We do not have it," Yuriy Ignat, spokesman for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said at a briefing.

On Thursday, the media reported that North Macedonia sent four Su-25 jets to Ukraine, which it had received from Kyiv during the 2001 conflict.

The Ministry of Defense of North Macedonia did not confirm or deny the information, saying, "The exact details about all the decisions, their content, and explanations, will be declassified and published transparently."

During the conflict in Macedonia in 2001, the country purchased four Su-25 attack aircraft from Ukraine. In 2003, they were decommissioned from the armed forces due to lack of need, and in 2004 they were practically retired and put on sale.

As previously reported, North Macedonia had donated Soviet T-72 tanks to Ukraine, which it planned to decommission in the coming years.

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