Dutch Defence Ministry: If Russia Is Not Stopped in Ukraine, It Will Become Problem for Some NATO Countries

Friday, 25 August 2023

THe minister of Defence of the Netherlands, Kajsa Ollongren, believes that if Russia is not stopped now, it will not stop in Ukraine and will pose a direct threat to the EU and NATO.

Ollongren is convinced of the necessity to support Ukraine now to prevent Russia's victory.

"If Russia is not stopped, if Russia is rewarded by their aggression, then it's not going to stop either in Ukraine or in this part of Europe. At some point also we’ll become directly threatened by Russian aggression within the countries within the European Union, the NATO countries," she stated in an interview with European Pravda.

"That is why we must do our best to help you keep it up and make sure that Russia doesn't win in Ukraine," the minister added.

According to her, the regime in Russia is very aggressive, revanchist, and dreams of returning to the old times, restoring the Soviet Union and its empire.

"That means that the eastern part of NATO, the eastern part of European Union, is directly threatened by that thought. that it's important that we keep stressing this. It's not only a problem for Ukraine. It's a European problem. It's also a NATO problem," Ollongren emphasised.

Kajsa Ollongren asserts that there is a broad consensus in the Netherlands regarding support for Ukraine, which is supposed to remain even after the elections.

In early July, Mark Rutte, the long-serving Prime Minister of the Netherlands, resigned and unexpectedly decided to leave politics. One of the key reasons for the coalition's breakdown was disagreements among parties about how to strengthen migration control.

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