EU imposes sanctions against former pro-Russian Ukrainian MP Medvedchuk and propagandist Marchevskyi

Monday, 27 May 2024 —

On 27 May, the Council of the European Union imposed sanctions on two individuals, including Viktor Medvedchuk, a former pro-Russian member of the Ukrainian parliament and close friend of Vladimir Putin, who is the godfather of Medvedchuk’s daughter; and one organisation spreading anti-civil society propaganda in the EU and adjacent countries.

In particular, the EU Council has imposed restrictions on the resource Voice of Europe – an online media outlet, which, according to the Council, is involved in a systematic international campaign of media manipulation and fact distortion in order to destabilise Ukraine, the EU, and its member states.

Furthermore, Voice of Europe was utilised to direct money resources meant to pay propagandists and to establish an influence network among European political party officials.

Two people with close ties to the Voice of Europe are also on the authorised sanctions list:

  • Artem Marchevskyi, who was instrumental in the acquisition of the media brand Voice of Europe. As a covert head of Voice of Europe, he has played a key role in propagating disinformation and skewed narratives aimed at weakening the legitimacy and public image of Ukraine and its efforts to defend itself against Russia's invasion;
  • Viktor Medvedchuk, who has advocated for policies and actions that undermine the credibility and legitimacy of Ukraine's government. Medvedchuk has deep personal ties to Vladimir Putin and is affiliated with his administration; through his cronies, especially Artem Marchevskyi, he controlled Ukrainian media outlets and utilised them to spread pro-Russian propaganda in Ukraine and elsewhere.

Medvedchuk, Marchevskyi, and Voice of Europe were added to the EU sanctions list at the request of Czechia.

Also on 27 May, the Council of the EU authorised a new sanctions framework against persons responsible for human rights violations in Russia and approved the first sanctions under it.

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