Ukrainian farmers bring equipment destroyed by Russian attacks to border with Poland

Friday, 23 February 2024

Ukrainian farmers have brought agricultural machinery damaged due to military action to the border with Poland as part of their actions in response to protests by Polish farmers.

One Polish-speaking Twitter (X) user posted a video where lorries carrying a burnt combine harvester, tractor and cars on the platforms of semi-trailers can be seen from a vehicle window. 


The video itself, presumably filmed by another person, is accompanied by an inscription in Ukrainian, stating that it was filmed on 22 February near the Uhryniv checkpoint. Other media reports suggested that the original video was posted on the Ukrainian segment of TikTok.

Oleksandr Klimov, a member of Chervonohrad District Council, posted a video on his Facebook account of the equipment already on the ground and wrote that it was clearly an exhibition of Ukrainian agricultural equipment destroyed during the war. At the same time, he said he did not know who took the initiative to do this.

The pieces of equipment bore plates with inscriptions indicating which oblast it was from and to whom it belonged. The logos of the Ukrainian Agri Council and SaveUA can be seen on the plates.

Polish news portal RMF24 noted that as of early 23 February, the protests of Polish farmers were continuing, with the estimated waiting time for lorries on the Polish side at the Medyka checkpoint being 197 hours. 

At the Korczowa checkpoint, the waiting time is about 143 hours, 150 hours at Hrebenne, and 113 hours at Dorohusk. Only cars and buses are allowed to pass without any hindrance.

The day before, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk declined Zelenskyy's invitation for a government meeting at the border, but promised to remove obstacles at the border for free passage of military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

He also reacted harshly to the appearance of a pro-Putin poster at one of the protests.

After meetings with the Polish side, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Ukraine and Poland were determined to resolve the problems.

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